• MyCushy Tablet Stands are fully adjustable and can hold any size tablet, phone, book or eReader at any angle

  • Suitable for all ages and ideal gifts for adults or children

  • They feature a pocket where you can put your headphones, charger, glasses or phone, and a handle that makes it easy to carry

  • Ideal for travel and can even be used as a travel pillow when on long journeys

  • Great for around the home, workplace, garden and in so many everyday situations

  • Can be used on any stable surface, such as desks, tables, countertops, but also on your lap, while relaxing on the sofa or even in bed

  • Lightweight and portable The MyCushy Tablet Stands are also Machine Washable at a low temperature

  • Might help prevent RSI (Repetitive strain injury) which is thought to be caused by holding devices for long periods of time

  • Made from canvas with a high quality microbead filling our products are built to last. Designed for your comfort when you are either relaxing at home or busy at work