Frequently asked questions

What size are the dimensions?

Approximately 25 x 25 x 25 cm

Are they machine washable?

Yes they can be machine washed at a low temperature, please check for snags or tears before Washing and some people prefer to pop it in a pillow case to protect it from catching on the inside of the machine. They can also be spot washed to remove those stubborn marks and stains.

Can they be used with any device?

Yes! They can be used with any Tablet, Phone, eReader or book either portrait or landscape so basically at any angle.

Where can they be used?

They are great for using in so many different situations many you won't even think about ; Home - No matter if in the Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom or Bathroom they make watching a film or reading a book so much easier. Lay in bed and scroll through the Internet or relax on the sofa with your tablet on your lap. Work or Office - Need to view your Phone or Tablet while you work at a Computer? Pop it on the MyCushy and it makes it so much easier. Travel - The MyCushy is portable and lightweight so great for travelling on trains or planes, using in hotels or when travelling in a car. Exercising - Want to work out to a Video or YouTube? Pop your Phone or Tablet on the MyCushy.